#OccupyWallStreet Video Lies

But it's not really a surprise....

First, here is the video #OccupyWallstreet wants you to see:

It looks brutal; the police are striking protesters with batons.

But what these protesters don't want you to see is what happened seconds before that provoked the police response. In the video below, you can hear the protesters counting down and then rushing the police. At least one officer is struck in the head by a protester (@00:10). Another can be seen kicking an officer (@00:15). The police repeatedly order the protesters to "Get back" and they ignore the orders:

Update: Alec Baldwin on #OccupyWallstreet: "This type of activism = good!":

alecbaldwin occupywallstreet activity good.jpg

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Posted by: DMartyr at 12:36 PM


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