Obama Admin Rejects Anti-Islamist Muslim Nominee

Zuhdi Jasser's nomination by Senate Republicans to the State Departmentís U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy was rejected without explanation by the Obama administration. Over at NRO, James Woolsey wonders why?

Unlike some commission members, Dr. Jasser was not a donor to Barack Obamaís presidential campaign. But something else must have been at work as well. That something might have ranged from a lack of understanding of the dangerousness of jihadism and Islamism to a lack of respect for the muscular advocacy of the ideas of freedom and liberty. And, probably, one other thing was at work too: a political decision based on Dr. Jasserís open criticism of the administration for its lack of clarity in the war of ideas and its inability to identify the ideology we are fighting.
I think it's more than that. The Obama administration is ideologically aligned with the grievance narrative and are therefore comfortable only when alleged "civil rights groups" have a narrow focus on the evils of American society.

So, adding Muslims to the old narrative that minority groups are victims of a hostile society fits in perfectly well with their preconceived world view.

The new narrative has two key plot lines: One, that Muslims become radicalized because either the larger society is prejudiced against them or they are just reacting to US foreign policy -- it's our fault, not the fault of the mosque, community, or online social networking. Two, that the fact that the vast majority of domestic terrorists since 9/11 have been Muslim can be explained by Islamophobia amongst law enforcement officials leading to unfair scrutiny on the Muslim community.

So, the only legitimate representatives of the Muslim community are those who reinforce the narrative of victimhood which is so widely accepted within the Democratic party and more especially in this White House.

This is a White House that thinks every one is treating Obama unfairly .... because he is black.

Zuhdi Jasser just doesn't fit the mold they are looking for. The fact that he blames the Muslim community itself for not responding more forcefully to Islamist tendencies and anti-American rhetoric is taken as evidence that he has swallowed the pill given to him my his masters. He's an Uncle Tom to them.

It's a shame that the Obama Administration has rejected his nomination. But, come on, what did you think they would do?

Posted by: Rusty at 01:56 PM


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