Cyber Hezbollah: Watch Out, the Yankee Imperialists Are Watching You!

It's like Hezbollah, only cyber. Which makes it super scary and super high tech.

And while Cyber Hezbollah is scary, watch out -- the bogey man is watching you!

Abbasi warned about the close monitoring of Iranians’ web traffic by Western intelligence services, particularly the American National Security Agency (NSA). Addressing students who use the internet, he said that even though they currently do not possess important information that can be of interest to foreign intelligence services, they must exercise caution on the web, because someday they will have important and sensitive information that can be exposed by those who follow their online activity. He noted that the NSA is the organization that actually controls the world wide web....

Abbasi added that the United States intends to carry out a massive September 11-like cyber attack on Iran. He warned that the United States is looking for excuses to instigate wars across the globe to rescue its declining economy. Accordingly, Cyber Hezbollah activists must act cautiously to foil the plots hatched by the enemies and not give them any pretext to take action against Iran. They must also act in the cultural sphere against American websites and spread the message of the Muslim world in cyberspace (Fars, September 23).

This is me shaking in my boots.

More information on Cyber Hezbollah's website here.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:37 PM


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