Mogadishu: American Traitor's Terror Group Al Shabaab Kill 65 With VBIED

American traitor Omar Hammami (aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki)


Eyewitnesses said a truck carrying explosives was driven into a gate near a government ministry and detonated.

A spokesman for the Islamist militant group al-Shabab told the BBC it had carried out the attack.

It is the largest attack since al-Shabab withdrew its forces from Mogadishu in August[...]

Among those killed were students who had been queuing at the main gate to take an exam at the education ministry in order to gain a scholarship to study in Turkey.

Ali Abdullahi, a nurse at Medina hospital in the city, said victims were being brought in with horrific wounds, including burns and lost limbs. Some had been blinded, he said.

Wanted, more U.S. bombs dropped on al-Shabaab bast**ds please

Posted by: Stable Hand at 09:59 AM


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