Good News For Israel, Bad News For The One/Abbas

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(Independent) — The United States Congress has blocked nearly $200m in aid for the Palestinians, threatening projects such as food aid, health care, and support for efforts to build a functioning state.[They forgot aid to terrorists in Israeli prisons and other terrorist related aid...ed]

The decision to delay the payments runs counter to the wishes of the Obama administration and reflects Congressional anger at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s so far unrealised pursuit of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation and statehood recognition at the UN[...]

Former President Bill Clinton, among others, this month warned legislators to leave the issue of aid to the administration, adding: “Everybody knows the US Congress is the most pro-Israel parliamentary body in the world. They don’t have to demonstrate that.”[More..]

Withholding all aid would be even better. In fact, in March, Abbas stated he was willing to give up all U.S. aid to reconcile with Hamas

Good News! Our Tax Dollars Going To Imprisoned Pali Terrorists
FOX: Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects, Report Finds

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