Gravy! al-Qaeda's Top Bombmaker Killed in Airstrike (Bumped and With More Cowbell)

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SH: 24hr 48 rule but...thanks to Anna

Yeah the same air strike that killed al-Awlaki and Samir "Inshallahshaheed" Khan....

Two US officials say the drone strike in Yemen that killed Anward al-Awlaki appears to have also killed al-Qaida’s top Saudi bomb-maker.
Which means that this was probably the al-Qaeda cell that created the printer cartridge bombs. If Samir was with them, then one can assume he assisted in an attempt to bomb the United States and murder airline passengers. Which makes claims of it being unfair to waste he and al-Awaki even more laughable.

h/t S&H

Update by Jane: Excellent news indeed. Al Asiri was the bomb maker for the Nigerian's PETN underwear bomb, the toner cartridges on the UPS plane and the PETN bomb used to target Saudi Prince Naif. The group had been working on acquiring/creating a WMD type of weapon and had been focused on riacin. Untold lives were saved here. And the strike was executed flawlessly in that there were no civilian casualties.

There's much less grumbling about the strike in Yemen than there is in the US. Actually many Yemenis are happy to be free of the burden of Anwar and all are cursing AQAP because of the atrocities the fanatics are committing in Abyan, including executing a suspected witch and another man after a dispute ( link to vid here) and cutting off a teen's arm for stealing. The boy later died. Over 100,000 fled al Qaeda when they took control of, and looted, the provincial capital Zinjibar and the families are living in schools in Aden since May.

Yesterday's anti-government protests by millions around Yemen was themed in unity with and support of the Syrian people's struggle against Assad. A secondary theme was in rejection of the fatwa, requested by President Saleh and delivered by 500 state clerics, that finds public demonstrations against the state and for regime change are illegitimate under Islam. I am quite concerned by the fatwa; through the years, Saleh fatwa'd his opposition before attacking them. Nonetheless I am trying to convince the Yemeni protesters to adopt AC/DC's Highway to Hell as a theme song.

Update: There has been some confusion that the location of Awlaki's death (al Jawf en route to Marib) means he wasn't involved in the AQAP occupation of Zinjibar; however, earlier reports indicated the terrorists brought items looted from Abyan residents to Marib to be divided up there.

Update by Howie: I got a fevah!!!

Do fear the Reaper. Very much.

Update: Now some are saying that the other two bags of leftovers did not include this guy, I dunno. I've seen reports of as many of six bags of leftovers..

I'll deal with it on Monday, why do they always want to ruin my weekend like that?

UPDATE by SH: According to FNC, a Yemeni official stated he wasn't sploded. Time will tell.

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