Spain: Police Arrest 5 Algerians Suspected of Financing Terrorists (AQIM)

al qaeda maghreb.jpg

Madrid, Spain (CNN) -- Civil Guards arrested five Algerian men early Tuesday in northern Spain on suspicion of providing logistical and financial support for Islamic terrorist activities, Spain's interior ministry said.

The suspects, aged 36 to 49, allegedly supported "terrorist groups that operate in the Algerian area of the Maghreb, specifically for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,"[AQIM flag above R..ed] a ministry statement said.

They also had suspected links to Islamic militants in Italy, France and Switzerland

"Financial support"? I suppose AQIM hasn't made enough money from hostages so they needed another outlet for finances
Spanish authorities have said repeatedly in the past few years that the group known as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is of key concern, because of its operational base in northern Africa, just across the Mediterranean Sea from Spain and southern Europe.

Last week, Civil Guards arrested a *Cuban man on Spain's Mallorca Island in the Mediterranean for allegedly recruiting and indoctrinating others for Islamic terrorist activities.

Stay tuned..

*More on Cuban man arrested, and released but must check in, here on forum

UPDATE: Those arrested are, googlish translate: Mohamed Talbi, Hakim Anniche, Mounir Aoudache, Abdelghaffour Benchohra Bensaoula and Ahmed

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