Note to Friends: The Jawa Report Had Nothing to do with "Mohammad K." Arrest in MD

Too often we don't get credit for the things we do here at The Jawa Report. But then sometimes, well, we get credit for the things we didn't do:

The Maryland teenager secretly arrested by the FBI for allegedly conspiring with the woman from the Philadelphia suburbs known as Jihad Jane also spoke of a Columbine-style plot with a Pittsburgh-area friend in a jihadist chat room, according to sources and documents...

It could not be determined Saturday whether the authorities took any immediate action based on the threatening remarks, which were reported to the FBI by the anti-jihadist group MyPetJawa.

I wish I could claim this one people, but it wasn't me or any of the other Jawas.

Now, it would be fair to say that we knew about Jihad Jane long before she was arrested. And it would be fair to say that we were keeping tabs on her. But it was a friend of a friend who turned in Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose in.

It would also be accurate to say that we had been keeping an eye on Emerson "Goatly" Begolly before he was arrested and that his activities had been duly noted by the right people.

But the conversation between Begolly and Jihad Jane's friend Mohammad K. in which the two talked about a Columbine style attack? That was the FBI that captured the conversation and published it as an exhibit in the Begolly indictment.

I think I was the first to note the Columbine conversation publicly, but that's about it.

I really wish I could claim credit, but it wasn't me. Sorry to disappoint. I don't know how the reporter came to the conclusion that we had something to do with it.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:58 PM


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