Cornhole Watch: Emerson "Goat Lee" Begolly Plead Guilty Today

"Mushoom's Mustache physically excites me!"~Emerson "Goatly" Begolly(aka abunancy)


PITTSBURGH (AP) - A Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty Tuesday to using the Internet to promote terror attacks against American military and civilian targets in posts he made on an Islamic extremist web forum he moderated. He also pleaded guilty to having a loaded pistol when he allegedly bit two FBI agents who tried to question him.

Emerson Begolly[ aka "Gaot Lee, Nasheed Expert", "Goat Lee", "Goatly", and last handle "Asadullah Alshisani, Chechen Terrorist Brother"..ed], 22, faces a mandatory minimum of five years in federal prison on the weapons charge and up to 10 years on the one count of solicitation to commit a crime of violence. A sentence has been agreed upon, but it remains under seal. Begolly is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 29.

Bubba is gonna love that white boy!

Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:29 PM


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