Reader Love Mail: Shut You Down Edition

We love our trolls

gonna shut you down for hate speech and Islamophobia
The same troll says stuff like this...
F*cking believers of shitstianity and evilduasm do populate this place. You're sob and bitches from hell. You have all been f*cked by your fathers, your priests and every infidel that came along. F*ck you all sob and dob bastards. You'rte all evil. I hope your houses fall on you haters.
Personally I think he's "projecting" his bad experiences with his father on us.

He also disrespects our lady bloggers.

Stable hand, I told you you are a big whore. A whore who no remourse nor dignity. You are botch from hell whose father f**kef her all ger live and you cheat on your husband and/or your boyfriend. You got f**ked by so many men and here you're badmouthing Muslims and Islam.
Yeah yeah yeah. We don't need to badmouth Islam you're doing quite well at that yourself troll.

Posted by: Howie at 09:41 AM


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