Tarek Mehanna's Mouthpiece to Whine Free Speech And Request Dismissal of Material Support of al-Qaeda Charge

Sudbury Patch:

Tarek Mehanna, the Sudbury resident accused in a 2010 indictment of conspiring to kill American troops in Iraq, will ask a judge today to dismiss some of the charges accusing him of providing support to al Qaeda, the Associated Press is reporting in the Sacramento Bee.

The report says Mehanna's lawyers will argue today at Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston that most of his activities are protected by the First Amendment in relation to free speech.

Remember having terrorist propaganda is not by default unlawful. It becomes unlawful when disseminated with the aim of helping al-Qaeda's distribution goals or if it is in such a context that it is clear it is posted with the intent of support and advocacy for al-Qaeda.

We are in a time of war you know. The enemy's propaganda network is a fair and crucial target. No war is ever fought, won or lost without propaganda.

Mehanna's claim of free speech or informational purposes is laughable when you consider the context. See our post here on Mehanna's multiple and long standing connections to multiple convicted terrorists and terrorist propagandists.

Arrested Blogger Identified: Tarek Mehanna

Like clockwork, Mehanna's family defends him as a nice boy who just completed his graduate work to become a pharmacist. What his family may or may not know is that Mehanna goes by the online handle "Abu Sayaba" and runs the "Iskandari" website which is devoted to promoting the Salafi ideology.

For instance, Tarek "Abu Sayaba" Mehanna has, literally, dozens of posts recounting the words of Abdullah Azzam, the intellectual backbone of al Qaeda. Also among his favorite authors are Sayyid Qutb.

In addition to friends like Maldanado who has been convicted on terrorism related charges, Mehanna's online buddies include:

Shades of Swords, who glorifies the executed Bali bombers as martyrs.
Inshallahshaheed, who we have an entire category devoted to and who claims he personally doesn't go off to fight the jihad because "it's hard" and who recently has set up his own media division in support of terrorist organizations.
Jihad Fields Are Calling, who's name pretty much sums it up.

And so on and so forth. In other words, the people he associated himself with online are either a) actively engaged in violent jihad; or b) actively engaged in supporting violent jihad through the distribution of terrorist propaganda.

So his contacts include convicted terrorists and also Samir Khan who now runs AQAP's online magazine that inspired the recent attempted attack on Fort Hood.

His chances of having this dismissed runs about the same as former Revolution Muslim Emir Zack Chesser who plead guilty to Material Support for similar dissemination and advocacy for al-Qaeda.

I put them at zero/zilch/nada unless his lawyer feels he's gotten a sympathetic liberal judge. Its clear he agreed with al-Qaeda, tried to join the Jihad and wrote many times in support of al-Qaeda and its war against the United States.

More background here.

Posted by: Howie at 12:48 PM


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