Nasser Abdo & the Iraq Veterans Against The War (IVAW)

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The radicals in the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) represented Naser Abdo in his conscientious objector's case. Since that time, they claim that they have had no further contact with Abdo. If that is true, then why were there IVAW members on his Facebook friends list?

The Jawa Report archived Abdo's Facebook page and friends list before it was taken down, so we have the proof.

In NYC, the IVAW also read a statement from Abdo regarding Islamophobia at a anti-war press conference.

The guys over at This ain't Hell have been covering the Abdo - IVAW for quite some time and have a number of posts regarding their cozy relationship. The relationship includes a number of anti-war radicals who lived in Killeen and were members or sympathizers of the IVAW operating a coffeehouse called the Under the Hood Cafe.

The links above are worth checking out.

Thanks to Laughing Wolf

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