Woman Get Jury Trial For Red Plastic "Door Knocker"

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BONNEAU, S.C. (WCSC) - A Bonneau woman wanted to make a statement, so she decorated her truck with a set of red plastic testicles. And now a jury gets to decide if she was exercising free speech or being just obscene.

Virginia Tice was given a $445 ticket July 5 that accuses her of violating the state's obscene bumper sticker law.


The South Carolina code of laws says "a sticker, decal or emblem is indecent when it describes, in a patently offensive way... sexual acts, excretory functions or parts of the human body."

[John] Caddell says he must interpret the law differently than Police Chief Fuda.

"My interpretation is they're talking about human body parts," says Caddell. "I don't think these are human body parts... it looks like a chrome plated door knocker."

Tice's attorney, Scott Bischoff, expects a trial next month and says his client is still angry with the incident.

Video and red plastic door knocker, unpixelated (a warning to our more sensitive readers), below the fold.

(License plate number obscured by me.)

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