Toronto School Board: WTF Is This About?

Toronto- Misogynistic Islamic Mentality in a Public School_.jpg
Photo credit: Toronto Star

Velvet Hammer

The tacit endorsement of Islam by the Toronto school board.

The girls are being segregated during Muslim prayers, that as I have mentioned in the title, are being held in a PUBLIC SCHOOL “mosqueteria”, if you will.

The article that accompanied the photo below, gives as the reason the girls in the back are being segregated from the group is that they are having their periods. But if you notice, [all] of the girls are separated by rows of bleachers from their male classmates. How embarrassing for them to have their periods made public! And that menstruating girls are deemed so unclean that they are not even allowed to participate in the prayers with those of their own gender is all the more disturbing. Then again, what about Islam is not disturbing?

Bibles are banned but this is permitted? WTF is up with that?

I have an idea - "you masturbated akhi, go sit with the unclean Muslimahs"

Update by Howie: More here at Blazing Cat Fur!

Yes, I know, males and females are separated in mosques but this is a fecking school for gawds sake. Payed for by the taxpayers...

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:37 AM


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