Israel: A Soldiers Mother Personal Message To Hedy Epstein

Hedy Epstein has joined the rest of Islams useful idiots on the boat to Gaza. Hamas especially like people like her, makes for good publicity and/or a human shield. I'm sure the radical Islamists mingling among the other activists will keep a good eye on her. Old woman, self-hating Jew, her life doesn't mean a damn to them.

Stupid old woman.

The following is a must read:

Israeli Soldiers Mother

My message to Hedy Epstein as she sails to Gaza:
Your participation, in the flotilla brings shame to you and worse is a betrayal of your family, those that died in Auschwitz. It is hard to comprehend how distorted your view of life, of Judaism, and of Israel must be to bring you to the point that you sail against your own people. Yes, you’ll say you sail for human rights, for humanity and some such nonsense but last year’s flotilla – and very likely this one, displayed the worst of humanity.[...]

As a Jew, as an Israeli, I am deeply ashamed of you and believe you have betrayed all that they died for. I have little doubt you will rationalize this away as something honorable, it isn’t; as something brave, it isn’t. There was a reason why your parents worked so hard to get you on that children’s transport that saved your life…whatever that reason was – it was not so you could betray the people they were, the religion they held.

Shame on you, Hedy Epstein and may you parents find comfort not in you, but in so many of the other children who survived as you did – but who came to live in Israel to build it, not to destroy it; to honor it, not to betray it. Indeed, Hedy Epstein – shame on you.

Be sure to read it all

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