Self-Defense Illegal In NC Town (Bumped)

Update: III Just as I expected, NBC17 pulled the video. I guess the Garner government pressured them to remove it. But thanks to another Jawa, I was able to upload a copy. Please feel free to mirror as I am certain NBC17 will claim copyright and have it removed.

Update: Video added.

Update II: Quoted article has been updated.

Garner, NC has a zero-tolerance policy against discharging a weapon inside city limits. Self-defense is no excuse (emphasis mine):

GARNER, N.C. -- Garner Police have cited Perry Whitaker for violating the town's gun ordinance for shooting at a prowler on Wednesday.

The Garner police responded to a break-in in progress at a home on Nellane Drive. Whitaker told them one of the prowlers had fired a shot at him and he retuned fire with his shotgun.

Despite the fact that he was trying to protect himself, police cited Whitaker, 26, of Nellane Drive for violating the gun ordinance.

They say there is no self-defense exception in Garnerís gun ordinance. Only a law enforcement officer may fire a weapon with-in town limits according to the local code.

Local news reports have indicated that the suspects actually fired at Whitaker first. It is also being reported on the television news that Whitaker is a former police officer.

NBC17 doesn't have the video on their site yet, but I'll keep an eye out and update when (if) it does.

Posted by: DMartyr at 05:33 PM


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