Code Stink Attempts Lame Police Brutality Smear (Updated, Bumped)

Apparently, they don't have any wars to protest since their man is in the Oval Office, so they have to spend their time somehow.

I have to slightly disagree with the Reb on one point. I do believe that dancing in the Jefferson Memorial, while reprehensible to us both, should be protected under the 1st Amendment. I think the issue here is that the park police were trying to quell a protest that had no permit. When in doubt, follow the money. Although I've never been there, I think you need to get a permit to breathe in D.C. these days. Unless you have a cell phone camera and are named Weiner.

Bottom line, the police acted properly, and Code Stink's attempt to frame the Park Police as First Amendment fascists gets teh fail. No shock there.

Update:Thanks to Hafar al Batin in comments, there is precedence condoning the actions of the park police in this incident.

She lost that case, with the courts agreeing that the U.S. Park service has a duty to maintain decorum at the nationís monuments, and no demonstrations are allowed inside the monuments.

Thanks for that!

Posted by: Vinnie at 10:00 PM


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