Kentucky: Federal indictment: Two Bowling Green residents involved in a conspiracy to provide support, weapons to al-Qaida in Iraq (ISI)

Pictured: Flag of the "Islamic State of Iraq" (aka al-Qaida in Iraq)

BGDailyNews[Emphasis mine..ed}

LOUISVILLE Two Iraqi refugees living in Bowling Green were arraigned today on federal terrorism charges - including accusations of attempting to kill U.S. troops with explosive devices in Iraq.

Waad Ramadan Alwan, 30, and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, 23, are charged in a 23-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Bowling Green on May 26. The men made their initial federal court appearance today in Louisville.

Alwan is accused of conspiring to kill U.S. nationals overseas, conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. nationals overseas, distributing information on how to manufacture and use improvised explosive devices, attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaida in Iraq and conspiring to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.

Hammadi is charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaida in Iraq, as well as conspiracy to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.

The men were arrested Wednesday in Bowling Green. The FBI set up a mobile command center behind the Bowling Green Police Department headquarters last week, where FBI agents in camouflage, body armor and suits could be seen moving between the mobile command center and the BGPD.

In September 2009, the FBI began investigating Alwan, according to a news release from the Department of Justice. The FBI later began using a confidential source to meet with and record conversations with Alwan in August and with Hammadi in January. In meetings with the confidential source, Alwan allegedly discussed his previous activities as an insurgent in Iraq from 2003 until his capture by Iraqi authorities in May 2006 - including apparent use of IEDs and sniper rifles to target U.S. forces, according to the release.[More including links to PDF's related to case]

Hmmm, will they rat out others? May be a good idea to stock up on popcorn, this could get very interesting

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UPDATE: For those of you who didn't read the rest, PDF links below fold:

Click a link below to read documents related to the case (pdf)

-- Press Release from U.S. attorney for the Western District of Kentucky .

-- Alwan and Hammadi Indictment.

-- Criminal Complaint (Alwan).

-- Criminal Complaint (Hammadi).

Iraqi Al Qaeda snipers are on the top of my list to get their due virgins, no milk and honey, no shit, just Hell. Or as we say at Jawa....cornholeing for the rest of their miserable lives. Hemorrhage from the rectum/bowels would be nice..but let it last at least 5yrs...

Jannah is a myth assholes...

???? per Rsluty: "I guess the major question is why was a known insurgent given refugee status???????" Yes, why?

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