Islampolicy Followers' Answer to the Arrest of Younes Abdullah Muhammad

This interesting reply from Gardena, CA via

what nah fuck this we love youness fuck this political thing man fuck US what the they doing trying to cover us fuck this nah we shoudn't give this site up fuck no and fuck no he shoudn't be arrested this harrasment and fuck this we have the oblige to do what we want to post fuck this political agenda we have the right to post this jihadist thing fuck US fuck those who arrested a muslim brother morroccan come on your a muslim country and your fucking arresting muslim brother your are the muslim side what the fuck wrong fuck fuck US +US US who ever done this i don't care fuck UNITED STATE AND KILL UNITED STATE their going down post this up to the whole wide world i don't give the damn rather is was in the news i'll face this political thing fuck US go go go go jihad
Go ahead Alfred Zefi, keep using the internetz. Please. We beg you.

And also if the Morroccan king co-operates with the US, then off with his puppet head.

Anonymous said...

There are many opposition to Moroccan System n Gov Living in the US some were even Granted Trophy like Aminatou Haydar or ALIOUINNE a Famous face book Anti Monarchy .I do not understand ??? All I Can say is that Morocco seek a change and these puppets needs to go indeed Allah swt will reward you for your trial and as a Moroccan who lived in the US and suffered Hatred and bias ,I know what you are going through my prayers with you and All Muslims alike...Fee Amani Allah

I'm betting $50 the Moroccans can find anonymous.

Go ahead keep using the internet please. That way we can re-unite you with Abdullah.

The rest of you, go ahead and email Alfred, be nice, be a good brother and when you get a reply forward the IP header to Howie.

Or just sign him up for ghey porn. I hear he loves that.

Posted by: Howie at 12:48 PM


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