Islamic documentary matinee inside the DOJ on May 19



Patrick Poole has been reporting extensively here at Pajamas on the Justice Department scuttling terrorist prosecutions against “Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) co-founder Omar Ahmad.” Poole reported a “high-placed DOJ source told me the case was nixed to prevent embarrassment to the Obama administration and to avoid inflaming the Muslim community.”

Sources at the DOJ tell me that Thursday May 19 will be Islamic movie day at the DOJ. A 1pm matinee is scheduled. Specifically, Civil Rights Division employees at the DOJ have been invited to take off work, and trek across town to the 7th floor conference center at Main Justice to view the documentary film “Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think.” No word on whether the DOJ will host a sequel called “What the Other 570,000,000 Muslims Think.”[Continue reading..]


Update by DMartyr: What "Islam: What A Billion Muslims Really Think" left out:

A few polls about muslims and jihad:

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