President Obama Holding Press Conference: Update Osama bin-Laden Dead! Updated No Dead Osama Image ..... yet (Update: OBL buried at Sea, Computer recovered)

Something important appears about to be breaking.

Stand by...

Update: Osama Bin-Laden is Dead!!!!!



President Obama will give a statement in a few minutes.


Update II: Sources say we are in possession of his body and his identity is confirmed.

Live CNN Feed here.

Update by Vinnie: Reports have him being killed in a mansion outside Islamabad. Waiting to confirm.

Multiple news outlets reporting that this was a ground operation and that Bin Laden was taken out by a sniper.

UPDATE by SH: In Obama's speech, he stated U.S. special forces[UPDATE: Navy Seals...F*ck Yeah!] took out OBL, after firefight. Hence, the reason we have his body.

A tribute to our finest and bravest who carried out this operation, God Bless You!!

Updated again by Howie: Great news. He was shot in the head by a Navy Seal.

Update (AP): Maybe it wasn’t a drone strike after all:

CBS: Osama was “shot in the head.”

Well we'll always swear it was by a Jawa..


UPDATE: Reports state one of OBL's sons was also killed.............AND a female human shield. How very cowardly of alQaeda..use a woman...pussies!

UPDATE again by SH: Reports state OBL has been buried at sea...

Sux al-Qaeda members and supporters can't go to a designated burial ground for OBL......NOT Swim in the fecking sea and find him somewhere if you want to mourn...just sayin..

Watch out for sharks and stuff...

Update by Matt Damon: THE HUNT ENDED TODAY!

Update by Jane: First vid of compound here, computers recovered.

Update: Video of the outside.


A crowd cheers and chants in excitement at the corner of Vesey St. and Liberty St. next to Ground Zero after hearing that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Bin Laden planned the attacks on Sept 11, 2001 and has been hunted by American forces in the years since. He was killed by a raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan near the country's capital. The Freedom Tower, the skyscraper being built where the World Trade Center towers once stood, is now 60 stories tall and was light up and visible from the street. Eventually the Freedom Tower will be the tallest building in the country. Sgt. Randall A. Clinton.

Dag nabbit the Dead Osama image wasn't "real". Shucks.....

Posted by: Howie at 09:37 PM


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