Video: Who Spilled The Mustard

Update by DMartyr: Now comes the blame game. Who was at fault for the unruly mob blasting past police barricades, throwing bottle and other objects, and spitting on Jones' supporters?

Why, it was Jones' fault (emphasis mine):

Angered, some of those protesters stormed past their police barricades and marched across Michigan Avenue as they hurled bottles and shoes at Jones' supporters across from them. One woman spit in Jones' direction.

The young crowd then pushed down a security fence that separated them from Jones' supporters and surged forward, their faces tight with anger. For a moment, it appeared a major clash was about to break out.

But Arab-American leaders and police pushed back the angry group as dozens of police officers in full riot gear marched out in single file to separate the two sides. At least two were arrested. Dearborn Mayor John O'Reilly Jr. said afterward that Jones was responsible for creating the disturbance by ignoring city requests not to approach the barricade. [Ed: He approached the barriers around his protest area. Jones did not cross any barricades.]

The Dearborn mayor has gone out of his way to appease and placate his Muslim constituents. And its coming at the price of free speech. Dearborn is quickly becoming just another Islamic society where the rights of non-Muslims are trampled, while Muslims are given a higher stature.

Like him or not, Jones is standing up for a right we all should be defending.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:52 AM


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