Morocco: Explosion Hits Cafe, 14 Dead



A massive explosion ripped through a cafe popular among foreign tourists in the Moroccan city of Marrakech on Thursday, killing 14 people and wounding 20 in what the government called a suspected criminal act.

If confirmed as terrorism, the blast in the iconic Djemma el-Fna square would be Morocco's deadliest bombing in eight years.

The explosion just before noon tore the facade off the two-story terracotta-colored Argana cafe, leaving awnings dangling. Panicked passersby dragged away bodies and tried to put out flames with fire extinguishers, witnesses told The Associated Press.

Interestingly, a muji at Ansar jihadi forum linked to this video purportedly from Rabat, Morocco. A muslimah is blathering on about releasing her husband and other prisoners. (Googlish translate of video description: Cry from the Oppressed in the cries of their husbands, demanding the release of her husband and all detainees)

Notice the al-Qaeda flag.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 09:29 AM


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