America's Third War: An Informant Story

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EXCLUSIVE: He is a confidential informant and ex-felon. He lives among drug dealers and corrupt officials along the U.S.-Mexican border. And after a year on the job, he is calling it quits.

"The American public is being led to believe that we have a drug war and border war and a terror war that are all being successfully prosecuted, and that is absolutely not the case," the informant told Fox News. "The American people, the American taxpayer are being bilked for billions of dollars in programs that are utter and abject failures."[Emphasis mine..ed]

The informant took Fox News on a tour of his operational territory, southwest Arizona and northern Sonora. It includes sleazy bars and cheap hotels, places where he meets the people who have connections to guns and drugs.

"This is the fence between Agua Prieta, Mexico, and Douglas, Ariz.," he said from behind the wheel of a late-model sport-utility vehicle as we roll down a dirt road along an iron fence separating the two countries[...]

"Frankly, at this point I have little heart left for this country," he says.

As for sharing his story with Fox News, which he agreed to do provided we did not use his name, he says, "It will be good for a few nights public stimuli... three days later it will be business as usual."<[More, including video]

"It will be good for a few nights public stimuli... three days later it will be business as usual". Not so, Obama's media will not pick this up, messes with tingle up legs thingy.

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