Afghan Officer Fires on U.S. Troops, Kills 9

Update on Howie's post[His link shows update, btw]


KABUL, Afghanistan Eight American troops and a U.S. contractor died Wednesday after an Afghan military pilot opened fire during a meeting at Kabul airport -- the deadliest episode to date of an Afghan turning against his coalition partners, officials said.

The Afghan officer, who was a veteran military pilot, fired on the Americans after an argument, the Afghan Defense Ministry said.

All nine killed were American, according to a senior U.S. defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information has not yet been made public.

The shooting occurred in an operations room of the Afghan Air Corps at Kabul airport[...]

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Sahibi, the brother of the shooter, who was killed in the incident, had been battling financial troubles.[Pleeeze..ed] Sahibi said his brother had no ties to insurgents.[More]

Dang, really didn't want to hear this...sigh.

The families affected by this are in our thoughts and prayers.

May the bastard that did this rot in hell!

Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:23 PM


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