Islamophobes in Michigan Assert Muslims More Violent Than the Rest of Us

I am constantly being called an Islamophobe because I don't like religious law and I have the audacity to suggest that political Islam might be a causal factor in the majority of today's terrorism.

Okay, if I get this story right then:

A) Terry Jones, the Quran burning pastor is holding a protest in Dearborn, Michigan, a city with one of the highest Muslim populations in the US.

B) The city is worried that Muslims might riot in response.

C) So, the city says it will only give Jones a permit if he posts a bond to cover additional security measures.

D) Jones is refusing to pay the bond and faces jail time.

So, if I'm reading all of this right .....

Then the City of Dearborn is saying that Muslims are like children in that they can't help but rioting when they get offended? Jones is following the law and exercising his right to protest, while those he's protesting against can't be trusted to do the same?

The city is in fact asserting as a matter beyond dispute that Muslims are less responsible than other citizens.

If this is the case, then why isn't the so-called "Muslim community" being forced to pay the bond? They are the ones the city alleges will be breaking the law, so why shouldn't they be the ones paying for extra police protection?

If this is offensive, blame the city of Dearborn. It is the city that is asserting that Muslims are less capable human beings than the rest of us.

I don't think this is a case of dhimmitude, as so many are asserting. I don't think this is a case of an aspect of sharia -- thou shalt not say anything bad about our prophet or holy book -- being implemented.

I think this is a clear case of the not-so-soft bigotry of lowered expectations. In this case the assumption that Muslims just can't help themselves from being violent.

I think they're wrong. Worst case scenario is that a few crackpots and true believers yell at Jones in counter-protest and say some bad things. Or maybe send death threats via email or web posting. Which is already the case, protest or not.

In the US have we ever seen a "Muslims-get-offended-and-kill-people" type riot? No. None.

This isn't Peshewar or even the suburbs of Paris where Muslims are a majority and Islamists feel empowered enough by a community sympathetic on a certain issue that they can get away with it.

Even if Muslims might be enraged by Jones presence they understand that they are in a precarious position in this country. And as an expansionist missionary oriented religion coupled with middle class aspirations, Muslims are dreadfully afraid of looking bad. These people are smart enough to know that rioting or resorting to violence doesn't get you ahead in the US.

Certainly the next time a homegrown jihadi murders in the name of Allah, they will cite Jones as one of their causes of justification. But they will cite the Quran burning act as cause, not a protest in Dearborn.

Muslims as a group might get offended by Jones -- as well they should be by this ally of the "God hates US soldiers" Westboro Baptist Church -- but Muslims in America aren't going to riot.

It's funny, though, that those that claim to be friends of the Muslim community are the very ones who are claiming that Muslims are less able to control their impulses to violence than the rest of us.

Who are the real Islamaphobes in Michigan? If Terry Jones is one then I'd suggest his opponents outnumber him and his ilk 100 - 1.

Posted by: Rusty at 07:45 PM


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