"Alleged FBI attacker" (Emerson Begolly aka Goatly aka Goat Lee aka Asudallah Alshishani) probed for terror 'support'

No sh*t Sherlock

PITTSBURGH (AP) - A still-sealed search warrant in the case of a western Pennsylvania man already jailed on charges he bit two FBI agents shows the government is trying to determine if he provided "material support to terrorists," a federal judge said at a hearing.

Judge Gary Lancaster briefly described the search warrant for the home of Shawn Begolly, the father of the man accused of biting the agents, after reviewing it in chambers before Tuesday's hearing.

The warrant claimed FBI agents had probable cause to seize "evidence that his son had attempted to provide material support to terrorists in violation of U.S. law," Lancaster said.

The judge's description was the first time anyone had explained, even vaguely, why agents searched the separate homes of 21-year-old Emerson Begolly's divorced parents on Jan. 4, the same day Begolly was charged with reaching for a loaded 9mm pistol in his jacket and then biting two agents who claimed they were only trying to question him.[Read the rest]

Emerson's daddy is very proud of his son, he groomed him well:

Assistant Deputy Reichsleiter

Goatly archives here

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