A UN committee grants accreditation to the anti-Israeli pro-Hamas Free Palestine Movement (FPM)

WTF? I said to meself. Never realized this before:

The letterhead from the UN committee accrediting the FPM

The FPM's new logo, boasting that is it is now an NGO accredited by the UN

Via Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center[HTML English] PDF English here

1. In August 2010 the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People granted accreditation to the Free Palestine Movement (FPM), an extreme leftist network based in California which participates in anti-Israeli projects, focusing on sending flotillas to the Gaza Strip. Its objectives are to support the de facto Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, isolate Israel, blacken Israel's image in the eyes of the world and increase international pressure on it.

2. The FPM is headed by Dr. Paul Larudee, who in 2009 was given an award by Ismail Haniya, head of the de facto administration in the Gaza Strip, in honor of his support. Paul Larudee applied for and received accreditation from the UN committee as an NGO member of the "network of civil society organizations active on the question of Palestine."

3. Following the receipt of accreditation, the FPM added "A United Nations Accredited NGO" to its letterhead. In our assessment, the FPM regards the accreditation as a kind of UN stamp of approval for itself and its anti-Israeli projects, particularly the flotillas (Wolfgang Grieger, the committee secretary, ended the letter by wishing the FPM "every success in [its] endeavours in support of a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the question of Palestine.")[..]

FPM's other plans and activities

11. In addition to its media-covered flotilla launches to the Gaza Strip, the FGM is promoting other ideas for embarrassing and slandering Israel. They include dispatching a plane to the Gaza Strip ("Palestine by air") in collaboration with other elements (among them "the authorities in Gaza," i.e., the de facto Hamas administration). The status of "Palestine by air" is unclear.

Cartoon for the "Palestine by air" project, from the FPM website.

12. In addition, the FPM encourages its activists to participate in activities to boycott Israel (its website has a link to the BDS site, an organization specializing in promoting international boycotts, divestments and sanctions of the State of Israel). On March 31 the FPM website's so-called "good news" column reported a "successful" boycott of Israeli products in Canada.

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Figures, the UN committee doesn't know their arses from a hole in the ground.

Also, 3rd Palestinian Intifada, planned May 15, coincides with the launch of the next hate flotilla by IHH from Turkey.

UPDATE: Velvet Hammer asks:

What if anything does this news have to do with: Arab league to ask UN for no-fly zone over Gaza

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