Pennsylvania Man's "Long Live Taliban" Song Still Making Rounds on YouTube


Here's a "nasheed" (song) by Emerson "Asudullah Alshishani" Begolly (aka, Goatly; aka, Goat Lee; aka, Gaot Lee) praising the Taliban still making the rounds at YouTube. One of the lines of the song also praises Usama bin Laden (see screenshot above).

I'm still not sure why Begolly's federal indictment is still limited to two charges of assaulting two FBI agents when he clearly is a traitor. If this doesn't at least rise to the level of sedition, I don't know what does.

I especially like the new introduction which includes a monologue from a would be suicide bomber expounding the virtues of murdering the infidel. Nice touch!

Warning: Song may cause ears to bleed.

UPDATE by SH: Looks like too many of these:

Caused the video to crash & burn

Posted by: Rusty at 11:17 AM


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