Update: #1 Yes Indonesian Terrorist (Patek) Was Arrested In Pakistan; #2 He Wasn't The Target Of The Raid

An update on this post: Top Indonesian Terrorist Umar Patek Captured in Pakistan.

Via The Australian:

Umar Patek, 40, the deputy commander of al-Qa'ida's Southeast Asian affiliate Jemaah Islamiah, is believed to have been arrested in Pakistan last month by local intelligence agents acting on a CIA tip-off.

Indonesian police chief Lieutenant General Ito Sumardi said he believed Patek, the subject of a $US1 million bounty offered by the American government, travelled on a commercial flight to Pakistan via Bangkok on a passport using a false name.

General Sumardi said information indicated he was arrested with other al-Qa'ida suspects and was not the target of the raid.[Emphasis mine..ed]

But questions remain over what Patek was doing in Pakistan, which continues to attract foreign militants seeking contact with al-Qa'ida leaders based there, particularly in lawless tribal areas near the Afghan border.

Pakistani intelligence agents on Wednesday confirmed he had been arrested and was being held for questioning. "The CIA tipped us off that he might be travelling here," one official said,....

If he wasn't the target of the raid, who was?

Rusty sez: "I once caught a ten pound bass whilst fishing for brim...."

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