American Muslim Scholars Against Democracy

Oddly, you won't find the religious ruling against democratically made law in the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America's English fatwa bank. But in Arabic ....

This would be the same group of Salafi scholars that issued a fatwa against American Muslims helping the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. You know, the "moderates" who are against violence but tacitly support the enemies of the United States.

To be honest, they seem like the kind of "moderate" Islamists that the peacenicks and multiculturasts are always telling us we can live with. If I understand the fatwa, the cleric is saying that something like Iranian style "democracy" which limits the decisions of those elected to the constraints outlined by sharia would work, but whenever the decisions of lawmakers conflicts with sharia then those decisions would be overruled. In essence, a Constitutional democracy in which the Constitution is replaced with Islamic law and the Supreme Court is replaced with a group of scholars.

Which in my mind isn't democracy at all. Just a hallowed shell using the word democracy to legitimize this or that ruler who's ultimate job is just to implement the oppressiveness of the predetermined rules. That those rules cannot be changed speaks loads about this so-called "democracy".

But, whatevs. If these people want to oppress their own I feel sad for them but it's really none of our business. As long as they keep their "moderate" Islamism somewhere else and don't try to spread it I'm really not much in the mood for interventionism in the name of ideas anymore.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:42 AM


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