Thanks to the Yemenis

Who caught someone trying to murder foreign oil workers.

Marebpress The terrorist ride military truck ,the According to local sources familiar with the “Marib Press: ” A group of citizens of the People’s Committees entrusted with the task of protecting the property of citizens and public institutions in the region Cake thwarted Tuesday morning, a terrorist operation targeting foreign workers in the port of export oil in Dhabba Hadramout. And away the Shehir zone near oil field 50 kilometers east of the city of Mukalla. The sources added that four people traveling in a car Has unnumbered military were about to do planting a land mine next to the main road that passes near the site of oil is connected by wire to a remote bomb, but that elements of the People’s Committees the main dirt drive , which led to the arrest of one of whom subsequently fled Three others on board the vehicle, while the mine was detonated safely in a remote place.
I'm not sure if the regime is to blame as some suggest. al-Qaeda was reported to have stolen some military trucks and I'm sure Saleh plays as many sides of as many fences as he can find. But regardless, thanks to local Yemeni citizens for stopping an attempt to murder guests in your country for working.

Posted by: Howie at 07:42 AM


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