Tripoli Under Fire Early Sunday Morning (bumped)

It's On: French fighter jets deployed over Libya (bumped)(Updated: US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Launched into Libya)

Update: AFP Reports Kadhafi's (yet another spelling) bunker was bombed.

Update II: 'Human shield" erected around Gaddafi compound[Mostly women and children]

UPDATE by SH: A bit of ME history-on this date in 2003, Pres Bush launched attack on the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq.[Operation Iraqi Freedom].

Names chosen by coalition and US for the Libya operation: Operation MOBILE (Canada), Operation Harmattan (France), Operation Ellamy (UK), and Operation Odyssey Dawn (US)

UPDATE II by SH: "Hundreds of UK's 'crack' SAS troops have been operating with Libyan rebels for last 3 weeks and hunting Colonel Gaddafi’s long-range surface-to-air missile ­systems which could launch attacks on jets or commercial airliners"[Think Lockerbie bombing..ed]

Hmmm, who else is there?

UPDATE III by SH: Most of Gaddafi's human shields dispersed after cellphones rang:

Cellphones began to ring. A hush fell over the crowd. People began to whisper to one another: Cruise missiles were being fired at Tripoli. Those sitting in a grassy area quickly got up and began heading for the exit.

More followed, until the human chain thinned to a few dozen people standing in the chill before the balcony where Kadafi was supposed to address them.

But the Brother Leader was nowhere to be seen. He would address Libyans later by telephone, from an undisclosed location.


Update Sunday morning 03/20. This video is new on youtube and appears to show fighting this morning in Bengazi. Be warned the Camera man Ali is shot in the video, reports by the uploader say he later died.

Updated again. The uploader has replied to me that he believes this footage was from Friday the 18th of March.

Update 03/20/2011 08:26 CST:

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi promised "a long-drawn war" Sunday after an international coalition hammered the nation's air defense as part of an operation to enforce a no-fly zone.

Gadhafi said the strikes were a confrontation between the Libyan people and "the new Nazis."

"You have proven to the world that you are not civilized, that you are terrorists -- animals attacking a safe nation that did nothing against you," Gadhafi said in a televised speech.

Throughout the address, an image of a golden fist crushing a model plane that said "USA" filled the screen.

At the same time Gadhafi spoke, his regime was shelling the city of Misrata on Sunday morning using tanks, artillery and cannons, a witness said.

Here is a video of Gadhaffi's message.

I've some more random videos below the fold. I'm adding them as they appear on Youtube. If you have more from other platforms please email Howie.

UPDATE by SH: Arab League criticizes allied airstrikes on Libya, saying they caused civilian deaths.

Another update by SH: NC based Marine attack jets involved in Libya airstrikes

The AV-8B Harriers, operating from the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge off the coast of North Africa, are assigned to Camp Lejeune’s 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
Yet another update by SH: After a short lull Part II begins: Anti-aircraft fire has erupted in the Libyan capital, with volleys of tracer fire arching into the air, marking the start of a second night of allied strikes on the country.

The cause of 3/4 civilian casualties in Afghanistan complain about civilian casualties in Libya [Voice of Jihad<--Taliban]

Update, again, by SH: Twitter - RT @HMS_Cumberland: Audio of USAF aircraft on HF radio warning a Libyan ship to stay in port or be attacked & destroyed — /via @FMCNL

Warning this one is graphic. It appears to show large numbers of Libyan rebels who have been executed.

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