Facebook Terrorist Propaganda/Recruitment Continues

One of our commenters, Anna Warren, has asked for help

It is time to shame facebook for their continued inactivity in preventing terrorists from using their platform! It is time to publicly call them out. There are many of us who spend our individual free time "reporting" pages, to no avail. Facebook must do a better job of keeping terrorists and their supporters from using facebook to promote their agendas and activities! Please help.

Here is a SMALL list of sites that I regularly "report."

Ummah's Jihad
Taliban in Afghanistan[Official Voice of Jihad..ed]
Ansar Correspondent
Alkataib Channel
Islamic Resistance Hezbollah
Supporters of the Resistance Movement
Ummah al-Jihad
Al-Jihad[Has link to donate]
Network Media Correspondents
Pakistan Mujahideen Voice of Islamic Resistance
Islamic Emirates of Kashmir
Global Islamic Front - 2 Gone
Quran and Sunnah
Kataibul Iman[shows ID of kidnapped? Afghan National Army person]
Abdullah As Saif
Islamic Media Network[shows al-Qaeda's Russian arm propaganda via their mouthpiece, Kavkaz Center)
Kataibul Iman for Statements
Islamic State
Jihad Nasheeds
Network of Global Jihad[Interesting tidbit: Video posted today shows former Emir of Revolution Muslim Joseph Cohen (aka Yousef al Khattab)
Supporters of Chechnya terrorists

Groups/pages above 'likes' lead to more interesting pages/groups. Have a Facebook account? Please flag, thanks in advance

Previous 'Facebook Jihad' posts here. Note, first one was in 2007, 4 fecking years ago...

Posted by: Stable Hand at 03:26 PM


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