Fat Chance: Tens of Thousands of Lebanese March, Demand Hezbollah Disarm

Peaceful demonstrations against people uneager or unwilling to shed blood are one thing, but peaceful demonstrations demanding a bloodthirsty, theocratic, state sponsored terrorist organization give up its weapons? Now that's just wishful thinking.

It's a wish and a hope and a dream that I share with the Lebanese people, but the kind of wish I file under fantasy rather than goal which can be achieved.

It will take either the downfall of the Iranian regime or civil war to disarm Hezbollah. And no one in Lebanon is willing to go through that again.

Press release below from the Cedars Revolution.

Statement by WCCR on the Million Citizen March in Beirut

"Disarm Hezbollah, protect freedom, keep the Peace"

March 14th 2011

CR News, Washington DC

The World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) salutes the brave Lebanese people who has demonstrated today March 13, 2011 in downtown Beirut with one million men and women gathering in celebration of the sixth anniversary of the Cedars Revolution of 2005.

The WCCR considers the million men and women march today as evidence of the strength and determination of the Cedars Revolution and of civil society in Lebanon in their struggle to achieve freedom, justice and implement all relevant UN resolutions, particularly UNSCR 1559. The WCCR declares the following:

1) The Lebanese Diaspora hail the courageous participants in the March 2011 demonstration, particularly women, youth and children who sent us a clear message of hope and liberty.

2) It is now without any doubt that the popular majority in Lebanon, after two legislative elections and now with this one million citizens march, desires the disarming of Hezbollah's militias and keeping all military responsibilities under the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL. Hence we urge the United Nations, based on this exercise of popular expression to engage in the next steps to implement UNSCR 1559 and disarming Hezbollah.

3) We value the courage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri who addressed the people directly and asked them if they wish to see Hezbollah disarmed, allowing the entire world to hear the answer loud and clear.

4) We are thrilled to see that the people of Lebanon has responded en masse to the call for demonstration despite terror assassinations, explosions and intimidations practices by Hezbollah and its terror networks against unarmed civilians over the past six years

5) The WCCR however calls on the politicians who spoke at the rally to match the feelings and will of the people who responded to the call for demonstration, by raising the bar of the demands and declare clearly that they wish to see UNSCR 1559 implemented via the United Nations and not through a sterile concession to Hezbollah on what they call a table of negotiations. The people of Lebanon mandated its politicians to be clear in demanding an international help against the terror group and these politicians are obligated to execute the will of the people.

6) The WCCR disagree with calls emanating from some politicians that Hezbollah weapons must be directed to the southern borders to trigger another regional war. The Lebanese Diaspora and Lebanon's popular majority doesn't want war, any war. Hezbollah's weapons must be collected by the UN and the Lebanese Army and Lebanon's southern borders must be regulated at this point by UNSCR 1701

President Secretary General

Joe Baini Tom Harb

Posted by: Rusty at 11:37 AM


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