Frankfurt Airport: Murderer of 2 American Airmen Admits To Shouting Allah Akbar...6 or 7 Times


According to the German public television broadcaster NDR, Arid Uka, the 21-year-old who shot to death two American servicemen at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday and wounded two others, has admitted to shouting “‘Allah Akbar’ six or seven times” during the attack. An NDR press release["Motive for terrorist attack: Hate on U.S. soldiers - Assassin relates to film about alleged rape"] cites Uka’s own statements to German investigators as contained in a German police report.

During questioning following his arrest, Uka is reported, furthermore, to have told police that *he saw “terrible pictures” involving American soldiers in a video on the internet. The NDR press release continues:[More...

*Thanks to Google's YouTube:

Andrea: Frankfurt Deaths of Two US Airman-No Surprise-Inspired by Google's YouTube

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