ROPMA Abusive Parenting: Mother jailed for starving her seven-year-old daughter to death

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Khyra Ishaq weighed just 2st 7lb when she died in May 2008 - despite living in a house with a well-stocked kitchen

Angela Gordon, the mother, is complaining of not having enough to eat while in prison. Beotch has gained weight.


Khyra suffered for months at the hands of Gordon and her schizophrenic boyfriend Junaid Abuhamza - who was given an indefinite sentence for manslaughter - before her death.

She was beaten with a bamboo cane, forced to stand outside in her underwear for hours and had lost 40 per cent of her body weight when she died[...]

She and five other children in the house were fed 'like puppies' from bowls in their upstairs bedroom in Handsworth, Birmingham, the court heard.

This was part of a code introduced by Abuhamza, a Muslim convert, to teach them the 'Islamic perspective about being dutiful to your parents'.

He cut down portions and then denied them meals altogether when he felt they misbehaved.

Khyra died in a 'skeletal condition' in a house with an 'abundance of food', despite being monitored and visited by at least nine social workers, education officers, teachers and police.[More..]

Gawd, is this PC gone wild? or what..

RIP little one.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 06:17 PM


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