Obama: Don't "Vilify" Protesters

Obama has decided to stay out of the Wisconsin Union issue except to say we shouldn't disparage the many pro-Union protesters now occupying the Wisconsin Capital Building and grounds:

Obama said he understands the fiscal challenges facing cash-strapped states and that everyone should be prepared "to give something up." But he said that shouldn't mean public employees are "vilified" during budget debates.

...Obama, though a clear supporter of union rights, has endeavored to stay out of the debate, with his advisers describing it as a local issue.

Don't vilify this guy:

Or this guy:

More people who shouldn't be vilified below the fold.

Or this guy:

Or these guys:

Or even these people:

Not even this guy:

Or any of these people:

The Obamessiah has spoketh.

Posted by: DMartyr at 02:03 PM


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