Yet Another al Qaeda Video on YouTube. Also, who's arming al Qaeda?

I actually have mixed feelings about this al Qaeda propaganda video being hosted by Google's YouTube.

On the one hand we have an American company helping spread enemy propaganda during a time of war. We used to call that treason, today it's free speech.

On the other hand the video does kind of make al Qaeda look like a bunch of retards. I mean, they manage to get precisely two of five rockets to actually hit a target that looks like it's maybe a 1000 x 500 yards. Dude, and you guys are proud of that?

Next video: Achmed hits broadside of barn at point blank range, crowds cheer!

I guess my question is where are they getting these munitions in the first place. Here's a screen shot of them. Are there any identifying markers that would give a clue as to who is arming al Qaeda with these heavier munitions? I know it's pretty simple to pick up an AK-47 down at the bazaar, but these babies?


Posted by: Rusty at 11:29 AM


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