Canadian confirmed missing in Afghanistan after Taliban claim of capture



OTTAWA - The federal government says a Canadian is missing in Afghanistan following a report that the Taliban is claiming they have captured someone from Canada.

A Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman says Canadian officials are aware of the Taliban statement.

The spokesman says a man identified as Colin Rutherford is missing in Afghanistan after travelling to the country as atourist.


Could this be him? [note: removed video due to fact the person in video may not be him]

Prayers for his safety.

Thanks to ZH#3

Update: Naturally Taliban is calling him a spy.

A Canadian man who has been kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan is a tourist, according to the Canadian government.

The Taliban issued a statement in which it said the man, identified as Colin Rutherford by the Canadian government, had documents that reveal "clandestine intelligence activities" in his possession.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the man had been captured in Ghazni city, south-west of Kabul.

But the Canadian government says Mr Rutherford is a tourist.

"Canadian officials are working with Afghan authorities to assist the family in securing the safe release of their loved one," a spokeswoman for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said[...]

The statement from the Taliban said they would release a video of Mr Rutherford soon.

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