Israeli song "Zenga, Zenga" (w/ D.J. Gaddafi) strikes a chord with Libyan rebels

"Muammar Gaddafi - Zenga Zenga Song - Noy Alooshe Remix + Download"


"Zenga Zenga," a YouTube clip, has gone viral amongst Libyan rebels in the past few days. What many of those opposing Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi don't realize is that the video, a mash-up of Gaddafi's speech and the hip-hop song "Hey Baby," is from Israel[...]

The video, which had nearly 400,000 hits on its original version and another 40,000 in the bikini-free version, was created by Israeli musician Noy Alooshe.

Nearly all of the comments on the video are in Arabic, with viewers debating in the talkbacks whether it is permissible to enjoy humor from an Israeli.


h/t Admiral Ackbar

Posted by: Stable Hand at 05:40 PM


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