Sandcrawler PSA: Blog Sabbath Blogger Recognition

I was going to run something on Momar. But then I realized I've not even judged last week's contest yet so.....


We've not done this for a while and its well overdue.

Thanks to all the Bloggers who have made Jawa Report a success over the years. By success I mean, you know like 25 years for Zack & so much other stuff. We so totally rock and we all have a hand in it.

Special thanks to all our bloggers who contribute their time to our cause.

Thanks to our leader Dr. Rusty Shackleford. He made it all possible.

Special thanks to all our lady bloggers, these girls are a tour de force baby. I pitty the fool.

And also special thanks to Vinnie for his work this week.


We know his alter ego Troll Hammer sucks up a lot of time. And he's a pretty fair blogger even for a Homo.

And special thanks to the Zionists who run everything for tolerating our existence.

Totally stolen from Rusty:

See evil.

Become outraged!

Do good!

Posted by: Howie at 09:36 AM


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