Libya: Graffiti - "Gadhafi, you Jew," ''Down to the dog," "Tajoura is free"

Hard to feel for those who relate what's happening in their country to Jews

.....Armed men in green armbands, along with uniformed security forces check those trying to enter the district, where graffiti that says "Gadhafi, you Jew," ''Down to the dog," and "Tajoura is free" was scrawled on walls.
Screw 'em

Related: Qaddafi Crushed the Graves in the Jewish Cemetery :

As the violent protests in Libya continue, Israel National News TV visited the Libyan Jewry Heritage Center in Israel to hear the feelings of those Jews who came from Libya.

"My feeling is not good," said Meir Kachlon, Chairman of the World Organization
of Libyan Jews[...]

He noted that before Qaddafi took over, Libya had ancient synagogues, all of which are gone and some of which have become mosques. But the worst part, he said, is the ancient Jewish cemetery in Tripoli.

There was a whole cemetery in Tripoli, 130 acres in size, on top of which buildings were constructed, complete with roads and everything," said Kachlon.

"Qaddafi crushed all the graves and threw them into the sea. The world was silent. When they saw him doing it, nobody asked: ‘What is he doing to that cemetery? Why did he destroy the Jewish cemetery?’”

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