PA Man Being Investigated for Providing "Material Support for Terrorism" (bumped)

Much like Mashoom's mustache, this story physically excites me. We told you our old buddy Emerson "Goatly" Begolly was up to more no good than initial reports suggested. In addition to pleading not guilty, the story adds this important bit of info:

The FBI needs to keep other computer equipment while the agency examines it for evidence that Emerson Begolly, 21, used it to provide material support to terrorists, Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Hull said in a court document filed yesterday. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is running traces on the seized weapons, Hull said in the filing. Any that are cleared will be returned, Hull said.

Federal agents have testified that Begolly also posted advice on pro-jihad websites that describes how to turn a car into a bomb, how to buy firearms in the United States, how to rig a firearm from a flare gun and how to sabotage railroad tracks.

I'm guessing that more charges will be forthcoming as Begolly was well connected online. Not just to jihadi wannabes, but to actual terrorists. I think I can count at least half a dozen known terrorists which Goatly was publicly engaged in conversations with on jihadi forums without much effort. And I don't think I linked it earlier, but another story from about a week ago mentioned that Begolly was under a FISA warrant, which means that his surveillance was connected to suspected terrorists in other countries. Who? Well, let's just say Yemen comes immediately to mind.

I'm not sure how seriously they took Goatly -- as his main interest was in music designed to encourage violent jihad, calling himself "nasheed expert" for the past four or five years -- but court documents indicate that he took himself serious and was planning acts of violence here on US soil.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:15 PM


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