ATTN: LGBT Asylum News - Sandmonkey is NOT Gay, Please Correct Your Article (Update-Post edited/revised)

Please post a retraction

By Paul Canning

Amongst the crowds protesting the 30 year dictatorship of Hosni Mubarek in Egypt are many lesbians and gay men.

They have also been amongst the opposition during the past years. Yesterday, one of them, the well-known blogger and activist SandMonkey (the website was taken down by repeated attacks but is now back up) who is gay was arrested, beaten up and later freed. As elsewhere with the protests, events were tracked on Twitter.

What happened to Sandmonkey is true BUT he is NOT gay. Please correct.

Editor in Chief of SDGLN did:

We have deleted @sandmonkey from the story without consulting with Mr. Canning, who is the author of the story.

SDGLN did not originate this story, which came from LGBT Asylum News in the U.K.


LGBT Asylum News contact

Have at it Jawas, this Egyptian went through hell just trying to deliver medical supplies & food to the protesters. He is a friend of the US and to have these people 'using' him for their cause, or whatever, is disgusting.

You can also comment at their site, Sandmonkey did and tells it like it is:

The Sandmonkey said...

Dear Paul/Editor of this sight,

You published an article claiming I am gay. While a supporter of gay rights, I am not gay. I have no idea where u got this info, and its totally unverified. Please retract and remove the article, since you must be very well aware what happens to people suspected of being gay in Egypt. You are putting my life in danger

Assmaggots is all i can say.

Update: LGBT News

Edited: A previous version of this story included references to an individual who has told us that he is not gay, We have deleted and removed any reference to him.

By Paul Canning

Thank you but 'I apologize' for the error would be nice. You comfortably sit in UK and 'out' a non-gay in Egypt. Because of your article, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News sits comfortably in the US while 'outing' a non-gay in Egypt. Neither one of you apologized.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 07:30 PM


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