Australia: Queensland Begins Post Cyclone Cleanup - 1 Dead 2 missing

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Double wammy. Torrential rains in December resulted in damaging floods and now Aussies are dealing with the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi:

ELIZABETH JACKSON: In North Queensland, one person is dead and another two are missing.

The cyclone is over, but the storm rages on.

Ex-tropical Cyclone Yasi is still a massive storm that continues to dump heavy rain over north Queensland hampering clean-up efforts.

Around 150,000 Queenslanders are still without power, while crews are still clearing trees that have blocked roads up and down the coast.

Today the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh are touring the devastated communities.

David Mark reports from Brisbane.

DAVID MARK: It was initially thought Cyclone Yasi unleashed its fury without taking any lives but today comes the news that a 23-year-old man has died at Bambaroo near Ingham. He was asphyxiated by fumes from a diesel generator.

The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh.

ANNA BLIGH: He was sheltering during the cyclone in a closed room but using a generator for power.[ More]

Those affected by this are in our thoughts and prayers. Please stay safe.

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