SWM With Psychically Induced Anal Pain Seeks Muslimah Into "Death to America" Tatoos & Shouting "Jihad" at Masjid (Bonus: Greg "Abdul Muid" Morse Responds!)

greg_morse_crazy_muslim_small.JPGIf you didn't read our earlier post on this guy who hangs on on jihadi forums, you really need to do so now. No, seriously go read this post. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of jokes at Greg's expense in the coming months and you will want to be in on those.

First, Greg just responded in the comments of that last post. I traced him to Malaysia. And if he's telling the truth about that, what other parts of his story might be true? His attempts to get into Iran? His commitment to jihad? His death to America tattoo? The CIA's mind control rays forcing him to have homosexual thoughts?

Here's his comment (emphasis mine):

It's not surprising to see that the government has kept people stupid and satanic. Any mention of anything involving satanic plans, advanced technology that cannot be seen and advanced psychology makes you insane, delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic, in denial, in need of help, you name it. The intelligence community would be proud of such a cover up through belittling. Too bad countless people have acknowledged this nonsense and are as disgusted with it as I am though it is very difficult to do anything about. One day, people will wake up and the others will stop lying to hide their dirty secrets. Organized-stalking is a fact and there are books on the subject. In fact none of my material is particularly new or fascinating just a different perspective on a lot of information that has already been published.
You see, Greg isn't paranoid he's perceptive. Well played Mr. Morse. Well played.

But even perceptive people who are the victims of a CIA backed satanic organized stalking campaign to make them think they are homosexuals get lonely. So, if you're a Muslimah in search of a guy with a "death to America" tatoo and who likes to yell "jihad" at the masjid, Greg is your guy.


Here's his self description in the dating ad:

Though I converted only in April of 2010, I have become a strong believer through devotion to studying Islam and my own personal jihad against the great unseen satanic conspiracy that has spread to all parts of the world. I have travelled the world gaining Islamic knowledge and experiencing the good side of culture while fighting the bad.
No mention of Jon Stewart's subliminal messages inducing anal pains. Nor the relentless CIA mind control campaign to make him think he is a homosexual. You'd think you'd want to mention that early on. Like, before the first date.

But wait, what Greg also fails to mention is what turns him on. Um, you might not want to read on as this may be not safe for work:

The first dream was that my fiancée had a genitalia that was the shape of a huge penis protruding from her with a vagina at the end of it and that I was having intercourse with this strange object. The dream was transitioned to another dream about driving around in a van with people I used to know from Psi Upsilon Fraternity. I woke up with an erection.
Dude, with a dream like that who wouldn't wake up with an erection? A homo, that's who!

Thanks to an unidentified guest in the comments for the tip on the dating profile.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:38 PM


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