Ministry of Irony: Palestinian Arabs really mad at Al Jazeera for "Palestine Papers"

"Palestine Papers" word speak for Palileaks:

First, back story so you know WTF I am talking about:

JERUSALEM, Israel - They're calling it 'Palileaks' - the latest revelations of secret diplomatic documents - this time about the Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his government are finding themselves in big trouble after the pan-Arab television station al-Jazeera and the British Guardian newspaper released documents showing proposed wide-scale concessions to the Israelis.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the U.S. is "reviewing the alleged Palestinian documents" but couldn't "vouch for their veracity."

He added that the U.S. remains focused on a two-state solution.

"I think it's a sabotage from within the Palestinian Authority," said Pinhas Inbari, senior policy analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. "Somebody who wanted to inflict damage on Abu Mazen and the negotiation team leaked it to al-Jazeera for this reason or another."

Biting the hand that feeds them:

Elder of Ziyon

The fallout from Palileaks continues....

Besides Yasser Abed Rabbo's attack on the Emir of Qatar this morning for supposedly being behind the "Palestine Papers," we have...

A mob - no doubt "spontaneous" - attacked the Al Jazeera offices in the West Bank. They broke in and vandalized the office.

The culprit in all this? "Al Jazeera's Zionist bias" - Bwahahahahaha, yah, right.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 03:05 PM


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