Ghey Muslim 'Rappers(Nasheed Actually) Google/YouTube Presents Song About Killing Australians

Nasheed/Muslim Hip Hop:

A religiously themed song, much like a song of praise, but usually sung without any musical instruments accompanying the performance. Often background tone is derived from numerous people mimicking instruments by humming in tune..
BTW, Emerson Goatly (aka Emerson Begolly aka Goat Lee aka Asudallah Alshishani) 'Nasheed Expert' is ghey according to evidence in Federal Court

So does this not make these 'rappers' (nasheeders [is that even a word?]) bad ghey also? I think so.., evidence doesn't lie...meh

Jihadis love them nasheeds, .word. fool. Google/YouTube real.good.

Update: Hmf..... found the video (dated March 06, 2009):

NSFW - language

Nice going Google/YouTube...will media attention knock this video down? You know like all the media attention over Anwar al-Awlaki? Ooops, my bad. Thousands of videos still available on YouTube of Awlaki

Posted by: Stable Hand at 04:41 PM


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