Emerson "Goat Lee" Begolly Stays in Jail

Pittsburgh Live:

A federal judge today agreed to keep a Clarion County man in jail until a new hearing on whether he should be released while awaiting trial for allegedly biting two federal officers.

U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fischer will hold the hearing in the case of Emerson Begolly, 21, of Mayport. He's charged with assaulting to FBI agents who detained him Tuesday in the parking lot of a Burger King before searching his mother's house in Natrona Heights and his father's farm in Mayport.

Authorities said Begolly posted anti-Semitic and pro-jihad messages and songs on the Internet, and told relatives that he wants to become a martyr by killing other people in a suicide attack. He has not been charged for his Internet postings or the threats reported by relatives.

During the struggle to subdue Begolly, the agents received minor wounds to their hands and believe Begolly bit them. He was illegally carrying a concealed 9 mm pistol when he was arrested, and is also facing a gun charge.

Sorry Goat, no halfway house for you yet, you get to leave the drunk tank and go into real jail.

Posted by: Howie at 06:20 PM


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